About Novalja

Novalja is currently one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the Adriatic. There are many activities available for all generations - sports facilities, cultural manifestations, various parties, gastro offerings and magnifficent beaches in the vicinity. Younger visitors will find their fun in many modern disco clubs, situated directly on the beach, which are offering unforgetable parties both day and night.

Novalja is also famous for its rich and interesting past, which reaches all the way back in paleolithic times. There is evidence that in those times human life existed on island Pag. Many preserved artefacts witness of these times: remains from the Roman empire era (three early Christians basilicas), remains of the mosaicco in the chusrc of The Holy Mother of Ruzarija in the center of Novalja, as well as numerous artefacts in the archaeological collection Stomorica. One of the most famous remains is ancient underground aquaeduct built in the first century A.D. A lot more attracts tourists in beautiful Novalja that we haven't mentioned here but some of these exciting things you need to discover for yourself ;) so come taste the best lamb meat, worldwide famous "Pag cheese", get some of the beautiful Pag lace and take a swimm on the magical and pristinely clean beaches!

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