1. Upon arrival, submit identification documents of all guests to the host for registering with the tourist agency, if this hasn’t been already done at the agency's reception
2. When entering the the accommodation unit, the gueats and the apartment manager will tour the apartment and familiarize guests with the inventory and how it should be used.
3. Only guests (tenants) who have been properly registered at the reception desk, or with the owner, and who have accepted the house rules may have accommodation in our apartments. Personal visits are not allowed without the consent of the owner.
4. For all requests and guidelines please contact the apartment manager.
5. It is forbidden to take any inventory items outside of the apartment (for example towels, bedding, knives, glasses, etc.).
6. Attention! All the broken and/or missing inventory items will be charged to the guest immediately and in full amount.
7. We politely ask the guests not to make extraneous noise after 23:00 hours within the building or around it (on the balconnies and terraces) in order to provide other tennants with peace and quiet.
8. For your own and for security reasons in general, pleaase always keep the entrance door locked.
9. Pets are not allowed.
10. During the summer, please take out the trash from the apartment daily.
11. We politely ask you to use the inventory of the apartment responsibly.
12. When leaving the apartment, please close the windows and lock the front door. Unplug all electrical devices, including the air conditioner. Please take special care to shut off the water!



general manager
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Zaglavarski put 24,
53291 Novalja, Otok Pag, Croatia

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